Frequently Asked Questions - Michigan License Management

General Information
All applications and payments will be processed completely online.  Payments may be made by either credit or debit card.  The payment portal accepts Visa, MasterCard or Discover.  
Email addresses tied to your eLicensing account must be unique to you.  If you have previously shared an email account in the past, you will be prompted to enter a unique email upon claiming your account.  
If you are not able to find the answer to your question here, a general email account has been set up to help with the transition to this new system: 
Questions Regarding Logging Into License Management

Q. Am I required to have an email address for the new system? 
A. Yes.  Information and correspondence relating to your EMS license will now be sent electronically through the Public Portal system via email.  

Q. I have an account with Michigan's Image Trend Elite system, can I use the same username and password to login to the eLicensing portal?  
A. You should be able to login to the eLicensing portal using your Elite login and password, as these accounts were synced.  If your login does not work please follow the instructions to Claim your Account.  

Q. Do I claim my account or create a new one? 
A. Claim my Account is used for existing personnel that are logging into the Public Portal for the first time.  Create an Account is for new applicants to the Michigan EMS profession that wish to apply for a license.  

Q. Is the eLicensing system secure?  How do I know my personal information is safe? 
A. The EMS Licensing Management System meets legal responsibilities and appropriate safeguards to comply with Michigan laws through the means of: encryption standards at rest and in transit excelling best practices; support staff are restricted to sensitive data through separation of duties and least privilege access; incident response process and procedures in place to quickly respond to any potential breach of citizen data.  Annual reviews are conducted to verify that the security of the system meets applicable laws and state security policies, including but not limited to: Identity Theft Protection Act, Act 452 of 2004; Social Security Number Privacy Act, Public Act 454 of 2004, and Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974. 

Q. How do I verify a license on the eLicensing public portal? 
A. From the main page on the portal you can search the public records for specific personnel and services.  To begin, select Personnel or Service from the drop down menu.    

Q. I've lost my Username or Password, how do I login? 
A. If you do not remember your username or password you can select the link below the Username or Password box on the login screen. After selecting the link you will be prompted to enter information to verify your identity.  You will receive an email from to login or reset your password.  

Questions Regarding the Licensing Process

Q. How do I renew my EMS license? 
A. You may renew your EMS license beginning 60 days prior to the license expiration date.  Once you have claimed your account and created a password, you may renew your license on the public portal by logging in to your account and going to Applications and selecting the License Renewal Application for your licensure level.  
Q. License Renewal vs. Re-Licensure: 
A. License Renewal Applications are for those who have a current EMS license that has not yet expired or are still within the 60 day grace period.  Renewal applicants may submit continuing education documentation with the application; however, it is not required.  Renewal applications are available beginning 60 days prior to the license expiration date.  
Re-Licensure Applications are for those who had an EMS license that expired more than 60 days and up to 3 years prior.  Re-licensure applicants are required to submit their continuing education documentation with the application.   

Q. How can I request a copy of my license containing my new license number? 
A. You can apply for a duplicate license on the Public Portal.  Under My Account, click on the Applications tab, and select Duplicate Provider License Request Application.  Once you submit this request, a dupulicate license will be printed and mailed to you.  There is a $10 for each duplicate license requested.  

Q. I want to apply for an EMS license, what application do I use? 
A. There are three options to apply for a Michigan EMS license:    
Michigan Course Completion Application: Use this application if you have completed a Michigan EMS education course within the last 2 years and have successfully passed your National Registry Exam.  
National Registry Status Application: Use this application if you have NOT completed a Michigan Course within the last 2 years.  You must be Nationally Registered and not licensed in another State.  
Reciprocity Application: Use this application if you are licensed in another State AND are (or have ever been) Nationally Registered at the level you are applying for. 
Q. If I am already licensed as an EMS provider in Michigan, do I need to obtain National Registry Certification? 
A. No.  Only new Michigan Course Completion applicants are required to obtain National Registry Certification.  These applicants must obtain National Registry Certification prior to applying for a Michigan EMS license. 
Q. I am completing the Michigan Course Completion Application.  What do I put in the "Name of Education Program Sponsor" field? 
A.  In this field enter the name of the school or program where you took the course.  For example, Lansing Community College. 
Q. Can I still mail a paper application? 
A. No.  All applications must be submitted online via the Public Portal.  If you need assistance with submitting your application, please contact the EMS office.  All paper applications received on or after June 26, 2017 will be returned. 
Q. I am the Agency Coordinator for my office and I am responsible for renewing all the EMS licenses for our staff.  Can one email address be used for all licensees at our agency? 
A. No.  Every licensee must have a unique email address connected to his or her account.  One email address can no longer be used for all staff members in an agency.  A licensee must login to his or her account to renew the license.